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Radiation – 2/3rds done!

As of today, Brian has completed 8 out of 12 rounds of his radiation. He is almost done and we couldn’t be more excited. We are so ready. Brian says it can’t come soon enough. Since I haven’t posted in a while, I’ll try to catch everyone up to speed on how things are going.

On Mondays, the radiologist meets with all of his patients to touch base about the treatment, so last week Brian was able to meet with him and talk about his most recent PET scan and also get a better idea of the radiation plan. Rather than pinpointing the mass near Brian’s kidney, they decided to do a wider range of his abdomen to also radiate some smaller nodes that lit up on his scan. This explains why Brian felt like his radiation was much harder than the last time he had it! We didn’t know that the plan had changed until he was already 2 treatments into it!

Early last week was pretty rough for Brian with nausea and getting up multiple times in the night feeling sick to his stomach. He had already taken a day of vacation last Monday to study for and take a big exam for one of his masters classes, but he didn’t feel very well that day. He also felt really bad on Tuesday and he stayed home from work to rest. He still didn’t feel great the rest of the week, but he managed to make it through work the last three days of work.

On Thursday, I went with Brian to his treatment just for moral support, and Brian asked the technicians if I could come back and see the radiation machine and it was so cool to see! I took some pictures while they were setting it up, and then we went out when he actually got the treatment. From the time we walked in the building to the time we walked out was 10 minutes on the dot. It went so fast! Crazy!

Today he met with the radiologist again and since Brian hasn’t had any night sweats lately, and he has more energy, the doctor thought that the treatments should be working. Brian went to work for a while today, but came home after lunch because he felt so miserable. The treatments really do a number on his stomach. Even with nausea medicine, his stomach is always churning and knotted up. He is feeling better tonight.

He only has 4 more treatments to go, and he can’t wait to be done and to feel better. He definitely has a lot more energy than when he started his treatments, and his cough is nearly gone, so things are looking up at least for now. We will meet with his regular doctor sometime next week to talk about where we go from here. Most likely Brian will start a pill-form of chemo and we will do another scan in a few months to see what the results were from all of this treatment.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support. It’s so good to know we’ve got such an amazing community of people surrounding us. Please continue to pray for wisdom as we make decisions about treatment, as well as full healing for Brian. Thanks!

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Radiation & a leaky roof

This Thursday and Friday, Brian did the first two rounds of his 12-round radiation treatment. Only 10 more to go! Woo hoo!

A little info about radiation…

The treatments only take about 10 minutes total, and that includes changing and everything. Since they are doing radiation on the mass by Brian’s kidney, he just takes his shirt off and lays on the radiation table. They will put a IMG_6670rubber band around his feet to keep him from fidgeting, since you have to lay extremely still, and he will hold his arms above his head. Two technicians will adjust the machine until it is completely aligned to the spot they are radiating. During his “simulation” appointment, they gave him small tattoos that help this alignment process. Since he had radiation back in 2010, they could actually reuse the same tattoo spots instead of adding new ones. I’ll include a picture of his permanent tattoos…he has three in a row on his upper belly, and one on each side of his ribs.

Once everything is aligned, they will take a quick X-ray to verify the alignment. Then, the techs will step out of the room, and the machine will radiate for about 10 seconds from the front, and 10 seconds from the back. Then he’s done! You don’t see or hear or feel the rays during the radiation (or so they say).

He will do the radiation every single day, except weekends. The appointments are each morning around 9am, and they are at a clinic just down the road from our house, so he goes into work after that.

How it’s going so far…

After his first round on Thursday, Brian said he could already tell this would be way worse than the last time he did radiation (back in 2010, which was rough but manageable). I didn’t like hearing that. He said that he thought he felt the rays when he was getting radiated, which they say you won’t feel. His skin was also very tender and felt burned immediately afterwards. He accidentally scratched his skin and he said it really hurt! His stomach also didn’t feel good at all that day. Overall, he could just tell this was going to be much worse than before. 😦 That made me sad. Luckily, the nurses prescribed him a nausea medicine before he left that first day and told him to take it prior to each treatment. By Thursday night, he seemed to be doing better and felt well enough to go to worship team practice, which he really enjoys doing. It’s always good to be able to do “normal” things!

On Friday, he said the treatment was much better than the first one. He didn’t feel anything during the actual radiation, and the nausea medicine helped him a lot. When I got home from meeting friends for coffee last night, he was out spraying weeds! So that’s a real sign that he was feeling decent. 🙂

His cough/cold is noticeably better, although it is still lingering. He’s sleeping through the night, thanks to benadryl and less coughing! So that has significantly helped his energy levels, although still lower than normal.

IMG_6649A leaky roof… 

It’s funny to think about now, but at the time, it was no laughing matter. We have had a substantial amount of rain in the last few weeks, and we’ve noticed faint water spots on our bedroom ceiling (which is the highest room in our house). Well, on Monday night after what had been a particularly rough few days, we were just falling asleep around 10:30pm when I kept hearing a ‘drip….drip….drip.’ I turned on the light to see that our ceiling was leaking all over my side of the bed!!!! Ugh!!! Seriously…when it rains, it pours!! haha. After checking a few things, we finally just decided that there wasn’t much we could do about it that night and we put a plastic trash bag over our bed, a big pan to catch the water and went down to our spare room to sleep. 🙂

Thankfully, we’ve had some great sunny IMG_6648weather in the past few days and the leak was an easy fix that just required us to put a new seal around one of our vent pipes on the roof. I was planning to just hire someone to fix it, but Brian has been feeling well enough that he wanted to fix it himself so this morning I helped hold the ladders while he climbed to the very top of our roof and replace the seal. 🙂 I can’t say that I was a fan of him getting that high..but whatever floats his boat! So now we can get our room back in order and go back to sleeping in our normal bed. (Although I will say, I’ve gotten some of the best sleep in ages in our spare bedroom!)

IMG_6656Today has been a good day. Brian has had the energy to work on his school paper and just spend time tinkering in the garage on little projects. I’ve been able to read on the porch and get the lawn mowed. It’s about 7:30pm now, and I’m sure the events on the day will start taking a toll soon and Brian will be sleeping in his chair soon…but it was a great day to be “normal”.

Please keep Brian in your prayers as he continues his treatment on Monday. The more treatments he has, the more the side effects will accumulate. His side has started to hurt today, which I think is a good sign that it’s killing off the tumor…but it’s still not comfortable. Pray for endurance and energy, for minimal side effects, for effective treatment and for more “normal” days. 🙂

I’ll report back when I’ve got more to share!




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A Better Day

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support after we shared about our journey the other day. You have no idea how encouraging it is to know we have an army of people praying for us, encouraging us and supporting us. We are so thankful for each and every one of you.

Since we’re in the middle of a fairly active patch on the journey, I will try to keep this blog updated with latest news and activity.

Today is a better day.

Yesterday I texted my amazing Mother-In-Law, Patti, and just asked for any advice or help she could give to make Brian feel better. She, after all, was not only his caregiver during the first part (and worst part) of his cancer journey, but mom’s always know best. 🙂 (Plus, it helps that she was a nurse for years and years!) We talked through all of the various medicines we’ve tried to get his persistent cough calmed down, as that is the most wearing thing right now. We had tried everything she suggested already, but she did suggest Benadryl just to help him sleep through the night since NyQuill had stopped working. I may or may not have suggested that idea before…haha…but thankfully Brian tried it last night and he slept great! Although his cough is still nagging, he feels much better after getting a good night’s rest.

Dr. Abyankar, our primary doctor, also returned Brian’s call this morning and Brian was able to ask him to clarify our PET scan. Since the radiologist had scheduled the PET, he was the one who called with the results and didn’t give many details about it, so we were left wondering what some things meant. Dr. Abyankar told Brian that he did NOT think that the bone marrow involvement was cancer related and he was not concerned with it. He said that the type of chemo Brian just completed often shows up and can over-complicate a PET scan. He said it was very rare for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to show up in bone marrow, so he was not concerned about that. That was a HUGE sigh of relief for both Brian and I. (I’m pretty sure Brian instantly felt a little better after that weight was lifted). Brian also asked about his cough and Abyankar asked if he had a fever with it, and since he hasnt, he wasn’t too concerned with it, either. So we will continue to treat it like a bad upper respiratory infection, and nothing more serious.

Just with those few changes of events, we are feeling a little more hopeful and confident today. Obviously we’ll still have ups and downs, but we are thankful for the boost of hope in our spirits. I can’t help but think that it’s not coincidence, but a direct result of your prayers. Thank you.

As an added side note… Brian happened to win 8 hours of vacation as part of his participation in a work activity! Woo hoo! He will be using it to take this coming Monday off to prepare for and take his final exam in his masters class, so he won’t have to worry about cramming it in after a long day of work and in the middle of his radiation treatments. If you think about it…say an extra prayer for him as he is also trying to take masters courses during all of this! He’s a pretty amazing guy, if you can’t tell already. 😉

I will update when we have more information to share.

Love to you all…


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An incredibly long overdue update…

I’m not quite sure how to start this post. So, I’ll begin by saying that over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve felt prompted that we needed to be more open about our journey rather than trying to carry it all on our own. So here I am. This will be crazy long, so I totally understand if you don’t make it through the whole thing…


To get everyone up to speed, here’s a super quick recap of where we’ve been in the last few years…

  • In March 2013, Brian was deemed in “technical remission.” He had a small node on his lung, but it was determined that it was likely an infection or fungus and not cancer.
  • We really didn’t have much to report between March 2013 and the summer of 2015. We got back to “normal” life, and we made some of the best memories of our marriage during those healthy times.
  • In late summer of 2015, a CAT scan showed a mass near Brian’s kidney. We got a needle biopsy and it was ‘benign.’ They ran a PET scan a few weeks later to get a better idea of what it was. It “lit up” pretty significantly, so they ordered a laparoscopic biopsy.
  • In November 2015, Brian had the laparoscopic biopsy and a few days later had complications from the biopsy. He developed a bowel blockage and spent a week in the hospital. Yet, the results from the biopsy still said the mass was ‘benign.’
  • Brian had another CAT scan in June 2016, and the doctor called us while we were in San Diego for Brian’s work conference and he told us that there were a few more spots that showed up and they thought the cancer was back…and that most likely, the mass also contained cancer although they hadn’t gotten any samples in the biopsies.
  • At the end of July 2016, we started Nivolumab, a new PD-1 inhibitor chemotherapy which had showed a lot of promise in trials.
  • In Novemer 2016, a CAT scan showed that there hadn’t been any progress, but since we were just going off of a CAT scan, it was possible it would take longer for progress to show up in a scan, so we would continue treatment and rescan in March 2017.


The chemo itself has worn Brian down with fatigue, but even more than that, I have noticed him slowing down and just generally getting weaker in the last few months. His symptoms have returned…severe itching, fatigue, and even occasional night sweats. I was hoping it was all a result of the chemo, but had a feeling it wasn’t. The symptoms also concerned the doctor, and he mentioned he didn’t think the chemo was working. So he ordered a CAT scan on March 1.

We got the results a few days later confirmed our suspicions that there still had not been any progress from the current chemo we were doing. In fact, a few spots are starting to grow slightly from last November. We stopped that chemo immediately, since it wasn’t working. That was a pretty hard day, for multiple reasons. Obviously, it’s always hard when you get a bad scan. It was also frustrating that we had spent every other Saturday morning at the Cancer Center getting chemo for 6 months and it didn’t work at all. But most of all, it was a blow to our spirits because there aren’t many promising options left and we just want to be done with all of this. Brian especially. 10 years is a long time to fight, and sometimes you’re just ready to be done. We left that day without any answers or next steps. The doctor was going to call some other doctors around the nation to get their opinions and we’d meet up a few weeks later.

We met with the doctor again a couple weeks later, and since there aren’t any incredibly promising trials out, and definitely none that are close to us, we’ve decided to go with radiation to try to shrink the mass by his kidney (it’s 9cm!!) to avoid any complications with the kidney down the road. Then, we are planning to follow that up with a pill-form of chemo (evrolimus/vironostat). It’s not a crazy promising drug, but it’s better than nothing.


We had our consultation with a radiologist down at KU’s main campus a few weeks ago to talk through the process, then later found out that since we wanted to do the treatments at KU’s north clinic (closer to our house), we would have to do our consultation all over again with the north Doctor. Just another frustration of the journey. (Meanwhile, Brian’s symptoms are all getting out of control, and we just want to get something started for relief…)

It ended up working out well for us, though, because we really liked the north Radiologist. He explained things really well, and even suggested we get a PET scan to get an idea of the “activity level” of the cancer before we do radiation, which I was excited about since we’ve just been going off of CAT scan results for the last year. We haven’t had a PET scan since Sept 2015.

Meanwhile, Brian has also developed a nasty cough that he can’t seem to kick, and the radiation continues to get pushed back…


Brian had his PET scan this past Friday, March 31, and they sent over the report later that afternoon. The report was incredibly complicated and hard to read. The mass near his kidney is significantly larger than the PET scan in 2015 (obviously), but less active. So that’s hard to figure out. Several lymph nodes that we were aware of were fairly “active.” It also mentioned his lungs and said it could either be a form of infection (like pneumonia) or lymphoma involvement. I’m thinking it’s more of an infection than lymphoma, but it’s hard to tell. It also mentioned something about his blood marrow, which is easy to freak out about. We’re hoping we can have a doctor give us some further explanation on this soon, but usually if bone marrow is involved in any form, it’s not good. So…it’s a lot to take in.


So now, our next step is the radiation, which starts on Thursday. Brian will do 14 treatments, every single day Monday-Friday. It should end April 21. The side effects of the radiation will be even more fatigue (oh yay!) and possibly some skin burn type of feeling from the rays. It will probably also lower his immune system a bit, which will make it even harder to kick this cough/cold/infection. 😦 After the radiation, we’ll follow up with our doctor, but we will most likely go with the pill-form (evrolimus/vironostat) of chemo.

We are also now considering a possibility of a 3rd bone marrow transplant. Now, this could be a whole post on its own, but let’s just say that a 3rd transplant has never been an option Brian or I have wanted to consider since we’ve been married…but we might be at that point. It is something we are really seeking wisdom and guidance on. It’s a really hard decision to make. If we WERE to do it, it would probably be a “haplo” transplant, which is basically a half-match from a sibling, a parent, or a cousin. We did just find out that one of Brian’s cousins is a complete match for a haplo transplant, if we chose to do that. Phew…it’s a lot to take in…


This could also probably be an entire post on its own, but suffice it to say we’re in a really rough patch. I can’t say I’ve seen Brian in this rough of shape since we’ve been married (minus the few acute situations like the biopsy complications, etc). He barely has enough energy to make it through work and maybe do some homework for his masters classes. He falls asleep while I’m driving pretty much any where, any distance. He falls asleep in his chair early in the evenings most nights. When he volunteers at church, he’s pretty much spent the rest of the day. It takes almost everything he has to go out and do something. Now he has this constant, wearing cough that he can’t kick. I can’t even tell you how hard it is for me to watch that. Not only is he physically tired, but he’s tired in the deeper sense of the word. Constantly fighting this is wearing, tiring, and we wish more than anything we could just snap our fingers and have this all be over. I worry a lot. I’m almost always stressed or tense about something. I feel useless and helpless all of the time. My mind wanders every day in every way. And most of the time I feel I’m in way over my head when it comes to being a caregiver, a medical researcher, a decision maker, and wife. We’re struggling, if I’m honest.


First and foremost, we need healing. We are weary, and we just want Brian’s body to be healed. We want relief and easy of pain, but even more, strength and endurance to keep going even if those things don’t happen.

Second, we need wisdom. There are lots of decisions to make about upcoming treatments and all the details that come with that.

Third, we need encouragement that only God can bring.


We are so thankful for each and every one of you, and we’re blessed to know that you are praying for us as we walk this journey.



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Biopsy # 2 on kidney mass & a hospital stay!

November 13:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.50.57 PM.pngPray for Brian today as he undergoes another biopsy surgery (robotic surgery). After his last biopsy, he had a PET scan that showed cancerous activity, and a lot of activity in the area of the mass by his kidney. The doctors want to find out what’s going on with that mass, so they’ll be taking a bigger chunk of the mass to biopsy. We will be spending the night at the hospital for observation.


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.51.59 PM.png

Thumbs down because Brian is in some pain (that happens when they move around your bowels) but THUMBS UP 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 because they got multiple biopsy samples from the mass and they all came back as NEGATIVE for lymphoma!!! Still came back as some sort of reactive lymphocyte cluster! Will have to figure out what exactly that means, but for now we are happy! Hoping to get out of the hospital tomorrow if his pain is manageable.


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.52.55 PM.pngWhen I told him I’d go camping, I didn’t really mean on a cot in the hospital, but it will do! 😊 Brian always says he won’t stay somewhere that doesn’t serve breakfast. Well he’s in luck…they not only serve it but deliver it, too! 🙂 #HospitalSlumberParty #IAskedForBetterDrugsSoHeFeelsMuchBetter
November 14:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.53.47 PM.png
Last night around 3:30 a.m. We had a little hospital picnic…Clementines and chocolate covered pretzels! He is feeling better today, just tired and sore. Hoping to be released this afternoon! #memories
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.58.08 PM.png
I needed this reminder tonight. Today was a rough day for Brian. Now that we’re home from the hospital, I’m his only caregiver. When I couldn’t help him manage his pain, I felt helpless, scared and alone. I take great comfort from this truth…God is on my side. If you can’t sleep tonight, say a prayer that Brian will get some relief from pain and sleep well tonight and that I will have grace for each moment.
November 15:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.11 PM.png
Another great reminder tonight. This morning Brian felt really good, but as the day goes on, his pain is increasing. I’m reminded that in the darkness of night, God’s mercies are new with each dawn. Continue to pray for Brian’s body to readjust from the biopsy and for his pain to subside. And pray that I will have grace and confidence to care for him well. And if nothing else, continue to thank God for the great preliminary results!!
November 16:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.20 PM.png
Trying to rest and recover with a Hunger Games marathon. Brian is still in pain, but it is around a 4-5 rather than an 8-9 like Saturday night. It will still be several days before he can function normally, but we are making progress. Maybe we will celebrate his recovery by watching the final Hunger Games movie in the theatre this weekend. Thank you for praying.
November 17:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.00.42 PM.png
Another good reminder for a really hard day. Last night was a miserable night for Brian with lots of nausea and pain. Called the doctor three times this morning and still waiting to hear back from them. Beginning to think the ibuprofen is messing with his mostly-empty stomach which might be causing all of the stomach pain and nausea. Please God, bring some relief!!
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.28 PM.png
If you have to go to the ER, you might as well watch Jeopardy while you’re there. With Brian’s nausea and pain symptoms this far post-surgery, the doctor suggested we go to the ER because Brian May have a stomach bug on top of his normal surgery pain. Getting some IV fluids and pain meds going, running tests and hoping to find some relief soon. Thanks for praying.
Late night update on Brian: we went to the ER around 1pm after the on-call Doctor called and thought it was probably the flu bug and we should get cultures drawn. They ran many tests and scans and confirmed our fears: a blockage in the small intestine. They had to put in a tube through his nose, through the back of his throat, down his esophagus and into his stomach where it will suck out all of the backed up fluid, air and sludge in his bowels. We were admitted into the hospital again around 10:30pm tonight and will be here until his bowels wake up…and he has to keep the tube in until then. It could be several days. He is very aggravated with it, as is to be expected. Please pray that this will work quickly and that the nurses are able to keep him drugged and relaxed at all times so that he doesn’t pull the tube out and that he will be able to finally sleep! We haven’t slept much in about 5 days. Today was probably the worse I’ve ever seen Brian since we’ve been married. Please pray for relief to come quickly. PS: KU emergency room SUCKS.
November 18:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.35 PM.png
RALLY TOWEL!!!! Had to bring a lucky charm to the hospital!! Wednesday’s update: Last night we got to sleep around 2am and I woke up to see Brian pulling out his GN tube in his sleep around 3am so I stayed up the rest of the night on “tube duty” to keep him from doing it again. His mom came down and took over around 8 after the docs came by and I went home to sleep for a couple of hours. Brian still gets aggravated by the tube but is slowly accepting it..his biggest complaint is the raw feeling in his throat. He is off the major pain meds (to prevent slowing his bowels) and is handling it with some anxiety meds and some less powerful pain meds to take the edge off. His stomach pain is way better after they have removed quite a bit of liquid and sludge from his stomach. When I got back this afternoon he seemed like a new man..his personality is slowly coming back, he was able to shower and walk a few laps around the nurse station. He is watching Tv right now. He docs said his entire system needs to wake up and have a normal bowel movement before he can leave. On top of the intestinal blockage, he also has a small touch of the stomach bug (not to mention the 5 incisions from the biopsy!)…phew!! Please pray for continued relief from the tube agitation and for his patience with the process…it could still be another day or two at the least. Today has been a good day, though, and we are hoping for a much better night with good rest tonight. Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support! God is good…all the time! Now let’s rally and get him out of here! 😊
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.43 PM.png
This is in store for the night. Along with a lot of water and my own ibuprofen. #AnotherAllNighter#GoingForARecord #StressIsTakingAToll
November 19:
Thursday morning update: Brian slept pretty well last night (thank you Ambien) but continued to wake up with major throat pain. When he got up this morning to go to the bathroom, I noticed his tube/container was very dark red which was very concerning. The doctor just came in and said that blood is normal after a tube has been in a while and wasn’t concerned. He felt Brian’s stomach and it is all soft and fluffy and wonderful like it should be! 🙂 They will get an X-ray this morning to make sure his bowels look okay and then will take out the tube!!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! We will still be here for another day or two until they see his body is processing things as it should. Also, the final pathology came back and it still showed reactive lymphocytes…no cancer!!!! This is going to be a GREAT day!!!! #Prayfor💩
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.50 PM.png
The end is in sight!!! The doctor just came in and said the X-ray looks much better and his belly is all soft and fluffy and wonderful (as I said before) so they are going to let him go to a liquid diet (taking it VERY slowly) and they will give him a GI Cocktail that will numb his throat/esophagus to help ease the throat pain. If he can handle the liquids and doesn’t get sick (sickness is indication that the blockage hasn’t quite cleared up) then be can get his tube out around 4pm!!!!!!!!! #Prayfor💩
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.55.59 PM.png
Ahhhh….Snuffalupagus is loving his chicken broth!!!!!
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.06 PM.png
The tube is out!!!!
Today has provided much needed relief. The NG tube is finally out, Brian is able to have some clear liquids and his pain has subsided. He is still taking it slow as he can still feel certain spots in his bowel get backed up a bit when he eats, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The adrenaline of this week is wearing off and I feel like I could sleep until Christmas! Hoping we can go home tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.Thank you so much for your prayers and support…we wouldn’t have made it without it!
November 20:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.14 PM.png
Friday morning update:
Yesterday afternoon Brian was able to have a clear liquid diet but after they took out his tube, his guts had a hard time keeping up. He had some discomfort as his guts were trying to process things. We both slept really well, so that is a positive! This morning when the doctor listened to his guts, they were very he still needs to take it very slow which means little sips today, clear liquids tomorrow, full liquids for a day and soft foods for a few days. We are looking at a possible Monday discharge right now. 😕 pray that his guts wake up and start working well sooner than later..or at least that we will be able to make some fun memories while we wait.
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.23 PM.png
Possible Christmas gifts for Brian… 😂😄
Today has been pretty uneventful (phew!) as we wait for Brian’s guts to wake up. The nurse just listened to his belly with a stethoscope and she said it is still quiet. Usually you can hear things gurgling pretty constantly when things are working properly. Cocka-Doodle-Doooo…WAKE UP, guts!!
November 21:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.30 PM.png
Thank you $25 Target memory foam mattress pad… You were worth every penny!!!!!!! #INeedAMassage#StressNeck #HelloChiropractor
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.40 PM.png
Brian is in his office ordering himself a little chicken broth, red jello and apple juice! He’s so excited!! #progress
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.49 PM.png
We are at full liquids now!!! Bring on the ice cream and pudding!!! This is one happy man! We could be out tomorrow at this rate!!
Dear KU food services, please do not try to serve my husband expired yogurt while he is trying to recover from digestive issues. K, thanks.
November 22:
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.57.06 PM.png
This guy might get unleashed from his IV pole today and get sent home! He will try soft solids for lunch today and then we will wait for several hours to see how he processes things. If all goes well, we might get released tonight. He is SO ready! #DidIMentionNoCancer
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.57.13 PM.png
There is no telling this guy what to do..especially when it comes to food! He ate half a slice of pizza and some salad. I guess he was feeling up for a little bowel challenge… #FingersCrossed
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.57.20 PM.png
After a long and crazy week, look who is going home!!! Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers. They were most certainly needed and felt! #DidIMentionNoCancer
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CAT scan results & biopsy #1 on the kidney mass…

From Facebook posts…

August 31, 2015:

Pray for Brian today as they biopsy a 4cm mass near his kidney that they found on his most recent CAT scan. Should know the results sometime this week. #NotOurFirstRodeo Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.20.17 PM.png

September 4, 2015:
UPDATE on Brian: The biopsy came back NEGATIVE for lymphoma!!! This is great news. The mystery is what is causing cells to grow and produce a tumor. A PET scan and other tests will hopefully help us figure out what it is. It’s still possible that cancer is deep within the tumor, but right now it is unknown. We are praising God for this small victory! Thank you for your prayers, please continue to lift Brian up to The One True Healer!

September 5:

NEW Update to the update on Brian: After talking to Brian more in detail last night, I was able to get more clarity and wanted to share. The doctor told him that the tumor is a “benign reactive tissue” that is comprised of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). So instead of this thing being made of flesh, it’s like a glob of white blood cells. So that’s better than a tissue tumor I think, and even if there is a little bit of cancer in its core, it’s amazing that his body is recognizing it and reacting to it. That’s a HUGE deal! The doctor said that although we will do a PET scan and possibly another test, they are in no hurry because they’re not very concerned about it at this point. This is INCREDIBLE news and is a HUGE victory!!! We’ll keep you updated when we have more to share. Thanks for your continued prayers!!!

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September 2015 – Facebook Posts

September 4:

UPDATE on Brian: The biopsy came back NEGATIVE for lymphoma!!! This is great news. The mystery is what is causing cells to grow and produce a tumor. A PET scan and other tests will hopefully help us figure out what it is. It’s still possible that cancer is deep within the tumor, but right now it is unknown. We are praising God for this small victory! Thank you for your prayers, please continue to lift Brian up to The One True Healer!

NEW Update to the update on Brian: After talking to Brian more in detail last night, I was able to get more clarity and wanted to share. The doctor told him that the tumor is a “benign reactive tissue” that is comprised of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). So instead of this thing being made of flesh, it’s like a glob of white blood cells. So that’s better than a tissue tumor I think, and even if there is a little bit of cancer in its core, it’s amazing that his body is recognizing it and reacting to it. That’s a HUGE deal! The doctor said that although we will do a PET scan and possibly another test, they are in no hurry because they’re not very concerned about it at this point. This is INCREDIBLE news and is a HUGE victory!!! We’ll keep you updated when we have more to share. Thanks for your continued prayers!!!

Posted by: Angie Lomas | October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013 – Facebook posts

At KU for a PET scan results appointment.


It was a clean scan!!! Just some minor concern about possible pneumonia that we will look into next week. Best pet scan since original diagnosis.

Posted by: Angie Lomas | October 5, 2013

Eye Irritation

GVHD of the eyes… (as described by FB posts…)

September 28:

Ok people, Brian has some sort of dry/irritated eye issue going in. Not sure if it’s an infection if just an irritation. What’s a good home remedy to try until he can get in to see an eye doctor? He’s used practically a gallon of eye drops today…

He doesn’t produce tears well in one of his eyes, so I think that’s the problem. Its extremely dry and he can’t get it to produce or hold tears for some reason. Usually it’s not this bad.

I can’t seem to get a good picture of it and he can’t keep his eye open, but it’s just really res and it’s slightly puffy because he’s been rubbing it all day. He says that when he blinks, it just feels like sandpaper because there’s no tears in it.

September 30:

Praying that the eye doctor will give Brian some relief today from his dry, burning, puffy eye….so he doesn’t end up looking like this… 😦

It is getting a little better. He went to the eye doctor and she said that he scratched it because it’s was so dry. She thinks it’s possible he may be allergic to something outside because he was in her office around the same time last year with the same problem. He got some medicated eye drops so it should be better in a few days.

October 5:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.50.37 PM.pngMaking eye care sexy since 1982.

He has chronic dry eyes and it just seems to be flaring up worse lately in the past week (could be a sign of Graft vs Host from cancer treatments)…so about a 30% of the top later of his eye has been rubbed off. He’s gone to a different eye doc twice this week because of it and they just gave him different eye drops until it heals, but today he was in excruciating pain so I found LensCrafters, cuz they’re open on Saturday and those eye docs gave him an eye drop that will dialate his eye for about 2 days (because when his eye muscles contract, they hurt worse.) they also put in a “bandaid” contact that will keep his eyelid from rubbing on the raw nerves on his eye. He said it’s the best it has felt for the last week.

Posted by: Angie Lomas | September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 – Facebook Posts

At the doctor for Brian’s follow up CAT scan appointment. Praying for no enlarged lymph nodes.


15 minute appointment. Fastest one ever. All levels are “normal!!!” Only one lymph node slightly enlarged. This is a HUGE answer to prayer!!! Thank you God for your continual healing!!!

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